My Family's Fossil Collection: 3 Radioplays

3 radioplays as virtual guide through my exhibition at Hectoliter, Brussels.
22-11 17:00h-17:30h Guest in De Neus Van God at Radio Panik, Brussels 105.4 fm or stream
26-11 11:00h-12:00h Guest in De Oceaan Der Geluid at Radio Centraal, Antwerp 106.7 fm or stream
27-11 19:00h-20:00h Pre-recorded guided tour in 8ung at XL Air stream or archive

The expo itself runs from November 6 till December 15.
And is open on thursdays and fridays from 12:00 till 17:00 and on sundays from 14:00h till 19:00h.

thus begins my takeover of the capital

05-10 Brainwave music & projections, Gifgrond, Tilburg
09-10 Brainwave music & projections, Belgium Booms, Café OTO, London w/ Köhn, Floris Vanhoof, Benjamin Franklin, Lieven Martens Moana, Maan
12-10 "15 years of fun condensed" at last ever night of Scheld'apen, Antwerp w/ Robedoor, Team Panini, Sickboy, Nieuwzwart Trio, Tyfus, Sand Circles, Dynasty, Floris Vanhoof, Daniël de Botanicus, Gerard Herman,...
18-10 Video, 16mm film & live electronics with Makino Takashi at 10 years OFFoff - Nacht van de Experimentele Film, Filmfestival Ghent w/ Kenneth Anger, Andy Warhol, Mathieu Serruys, Draaier/Frezer, Kapellmeisters Schallplattenparade,...
22-10 All Connected #1 program for Ancienne Belgique, Brussels: Daniël de Wereldvermaarde Botanicus W. Ravenveer, screening Eliane Radigue & Makino Takashi (streamed on Radio Centraal)
31-10 Music & Projections on a painting by Vasarely, at Vasarely Tribute, Museum van Elsene
31-10 Video & DJ set with Dennis Tyfus, café Belga, Brussels
03-11 Super-8 projection, Chevreuils filmclub, Brussels
04-11 "As much projectors as I can handle" at Filmer A Tout Prix opening, Flagey Studio 4, Brussels
07-11 Brainwave music & projections, Filmer A Tout Prix, Flagey Studio 5, Brussels
09-11 Grand Opening of "My Family's Fossil Collection" solo expo, Hectoliter, Brussels 
(with performances, runs till 15-12 and is open on thursdays & fridays 12-17h and sundays 14-19h)
11-11 Music for Gerard Herman's Ice Cream Truck, Playground Festival, Stuk, Leuven w/ Kris Delacourt & Miaux
06-12 All Connected #2 program for Ancienne Belgique, Brussels: Kassel Jaeger, focus on Coupigny Synth, screening INA: GRM films: Jacques BRISSOT, Fer chaud (Yannis Xenakis) & Étude aux allures Raymond Hains (Pierre Schaeffer)
15-12 Gran Finale of "My Family's Fossil Collection" solo expo Hectoliter, Brussels


08-09 Deconstructing media trough a lecture, brainwaves & slides at the Ostend filmfestival.

shows in August

8-8 Brainwave music & slide projections, Offoff Gent w/ Orphan Fairitale, Jenny Gräff, Felicia Atkinson
10-8 Projections & electronics for U.S. Girls, Wastelands festival Gent w/ Steve Gunn, Mark McGuirre, Ignatz, Dracula Lewis,...
11-8  Brainwave music & 16mm film projection, Walpodenacademie, Mainz w/ Mark McGuirre
12-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Leverkusen
13-8 Brainwave music in Echnum, Antwerp w/ Slim Twig, U.S. Girls, Mark McGuirre
15-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Roodkapje, Rotterdam w/ Mark McGuirre
16-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Yard Party, London
23-8 Brainwave music & slide projections, Mindpirates, Berlin w/ Roedelius, Francesco Cavaliere, Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future)
01-9 Music From The Guardhouse initiation, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle w/ Ivo Delaere (be) plays ‘L’Alouette Lulu’ and ‘Le Courlis Cendré’ by Olivier Messiaen,  Spencer Clark (usa), Ada Van Hoorebeke (be) + Eva Van Deuren (be) & Franscesco Cavaliere (it), Joris Martens (be), Olivier Schrauwen (be), Joris De Rycke (be), Guy Rombouts (be)


Listen to a long phonecall at the end of De Oceaan Der Geluid, Episode 26-06. There's some saturation  on a track of mine that's played, but never mind, my voice was also gone due to endless weeks of hanging out and staying up late.
15-06 20h Concert & projections celebrating the release of a Per Abuus magazine, Imprimerie Ephémère in Anderlecht, rue de l'Orphelinat 40 Brussels, free entrance
Celebrating also the release of a split record between Keith Fullerton Whitman & Floris Vanhoof on Shelter Press! Picture shows silkscreening the record cover by Hannah Giese


Distribution USA via MIMAROGLU & EXPERIMEDIA and in Europe through BOOMKAT & ANOST.

02-07 Concert & projections for The Moderns expo in KMSKA Antwerp. (info) I'm preparing projections on a Work of Art by Walter Leblanc from the museum's collection (like I did in MSK with on Theo van Rysselberghe's Reading by Emile Verhaeren, at the end of this clip).

08-08 Concert in Nest, Gent: Floris Vanhoof, Jenny Gräff

10-08 Guest musician, choreographer & projectionist for U.S. Girls, Wastelands festival Gent: U.S. Girls, Mark McGuire, Dracula Lewis, Ignatz,...

Concert at Night Shop, Antwerp:
Patterns of a crocheted blanket as score for electronic instruments and overlapping slide projection.


De oceaan der geluid at Radio Centraal,
The Wire's Adventures In Sound And Music 19 July 2012 at Resonance FM
WXYC Chapel Hill, North Carolina radio special
Dublab Treasure Hunting
Transhumance  106.9 FM
230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #4 on Concertzender
Astral Travelling, CFMU Ontario, Canada


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Mimaroglu Music Sales

Clip of Makino Takashi & Floris Vanhoof
at International Filmfestival Rotterdam

Clip of Floris Vanhoof @ Le Non_Jazz, Paris

Klanken om in te wonen.

Klanken om in te wonen.
installations - screenings - performances at Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt

6 april Expo + concerts FLORIS VANHOOF(BE), LIEVEN MOANA (BE) Roland Kayn (†): Tektra (NL) + screenings  INA-GRM films with music by XENAKIS - BAYLE - PARMEGIANI MALEC - SCHAEFFER

13 april Expo Finissage + concerten FLORIS VANHOOF, PETER BEYLS (BE): PRINTS (diffusie) + screenings  DRESDEN DYNAMO by LIS RHODES,  WORD MOVIE by PAUL SHARITS

clip of one of the installations
9 caen, castel vaugueux, france
10 bilbao, l´mono, spain
11 porto, o meu mercedes bar, portugal
12 coimbra, portugal
13 lisbon, lounge, portugal
14 madrid, the space cadet, spain
15 barcelona, discos paradiso, spain
16 clermont-ferrand, l'hotel des vil-e-s, france
17 paris, espace en cours 56, france