15-06 20h Concert & projections celebrating the release of a Per Abuus magazine, Imprimerie Ephémère in Anderlecht, rue de l'Orphelinat 40 Brussels, free entrance
Celebrating also the release of a split record between Keith Fullerton Whitman & Floris Vanhoof on Shelter Press! Picture shows silkscreening the record cover by Hannah Giese


Distribution USA via MIMAROGLU & EXPERIMEDIA and in Europe through BOOMKAT & ANOST.

02-07 Concert & projections for The Moderns expo in KMSKA Antwerp. (info) I'm preparing projections on a Work of Art by Walter Leblanc from the museum's collection (like I did in MSK with on Theo van Rysselberghe's Reading by Emile Verhaeren, at the end of this clip).

08-08 Concert in Nest, Gent: Floris Vanhoof, Jenny Gräff

10-08 Guest musician, choreographer & projectionist for U.S. Girls, Wastelands festival Gent: U.S. Girls, Mark McGuire, Dracula Lewis, Ignatz,...