Films, slides & music at the opening of Tantamount 16-12 at 24:00h in Timelab, Ghent, Belgium = streamed around 09:00h in Gallery Kapo, Kanazawa, Japan
05-12 poster + 7 inch cover for Maneuvers Festival
11-12 R.O.T. concert Anderlecht
17-12 concert in RTT Brussels: France Sauvage, Mr Labrador, Orphan Fairytale, Floris Vanhoof, Das Os + El-G
18-01 projection of Paul Sharits' Ray Gun Virus & Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow Up in Netwerk, Aalst
20-01 super 8 films & music at Morctapes: Sharron Kraus, Floris Vanhoof
29-01 concert in Eschloraque Berlin: Jochen Arbeit, Mauro Pawlowski, Floris Vanhoof

16-10 Double Concert & Slideshow in Den Haag

16:00h Gallery next to RenĂ©'s any recordstore. 
21:00h MaakhavenCalandkade 157 Den Haag + Ignatz, U.S. Girls, Sheldon Siegel, F.R.M. Padding


Record release and super 8 + 16mm film projections on sunday 04-07 from 21:00h ongoing.
This will be in Gunther, a fantastic shaped glass space that Dennis Tyfus and Vaast Colson have build in the early sixties.


My first solo LP is out on Ultra Eczema!
this must be one of my first films made early 2002 on 16mm!

De Kijkdichtheid Van De Hemel

Steina Vasulka's Urban Episodes (1980, US, '9)
Ray & Charles Eames' Powers Of Ten (1977, US, '7)
Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi (1982, US, '86)
22-03 20:30h in Netwerk Aalst


New 55 minute rave patch 20 made (lost some in the cinema) 5E out now via discogs or at kraakfestival