24-01 till 03-02 Fossil Locomotion at Blackout, International Film Festival Rotterdam at Kunsthal Rotterdam
09-03 till 17-03 Fossil Locomotion at Blackout, Ambika P3 London
04-04 till 14-04 Fossil Locomotion at Blackout, Greylight Projects Brussels
18-04 till 19-04 Talking Gongs and performance in Permeke library Antwerp
03-05 till 16-05 Polyhedra in STUK Leuven
10-05 Brainwave Film Projector performance at Ateliers Claus Brussels (with David Rosenboom)
23-05 till 03-06 Polyhedra, Talking Gongs & The Fluid Computer at Zwarte Zaal, KASK Ghent
31-03 performance on EMS Synthi 100 at Entrepot, Brugge
27-04 till 06-05 Bug Sound / Vinyl Canyon installation at Donaufestival Krems
05-05 till 23-05 The Fluid Computer expo at Warande Turnhout
opening on 05-05 with introduction by Spencer Clark & film projection by Floris Vanhoof
event on 19-05 with bus from Antwerp with performance by Francesco Cavaliere, composition for harmony orchestra by Lieven Martens & film from Takashi Ito

02-06 Tequila interpretation for De Nor- Middelheim Museum, Antwerp
24-08 till 25-08 Installation & performance at LUFF in Brussels
07-09 performance at Willem Twee, 's Hertogenbosch
07-09 till 09-09 Talking Gongs at Meakusma festival Eupen
05-10 till 07-10 perfromance at Detla~Wave festival, Het Bos, Antwerp
18-10 till 22-10 installation at To Object interior Biennial  Kortrijk
20-10 till 21-10 Talking Gongs installation at Klankenbos, Neerpelt

15-10 till 22-11 tour with Kraus and expo in New Zealand and Australia
Auckland – Nowhere Festival 18th October
New Plymouth – Govett-Brewster Gallery 2nd November
Auckland – Exhibition Opening at Audio Foundation 7th November
Palmerston North – Snails 9th November
Wellington – Pyramid Club 10th November
Christchurch – Space Academy 15th November
Dunedin – New Athenaeum Theatre 16th November
Oamaru – Penguin Centre 17th November
Melbourne - Make It Up Club
Melbourne -Liquid Architecture RMIT Design Hub

13-01 till 04-03 Talking gongs installation and slideshow at De Zwarte Panter Galerie Antwerp.
01-02 till 03-02 Talking Gongs installation and Film Grain slideshow at Winterwarm festival Kasterlee.
14-09 till 15-10 Polyhedra installation, iMAL Brussels
26-09 Electronics and Bats, Helsinki w/Kraus 
27-09 Electronics and Bats, Turku w/Kraus 
28-09 Electronics and Bats, Tampere w/Kraus 
13-10 Electronics and Bats, TRAP Antwerp w/Kraus & Dennis Tyfus
14-10 Electronics and Photosynthesis, Dodoens event Mechelen
16-10 Light Controlled Polyhedra performance, iMAL Brussels w/Kraus 
21-10 A Small Swarm of Gongs,  Bruthaus Gallery Waregem
01-11 Two interventions, Sphinx Cinema Ghent 
10-11 Electronics and Bats, November Music 's Hertogenbosch
22-11 Bug Sounds / Vinyl Canyon, Bruits Blancs festival Paris
24-11 Alpha wave 16mm projection, Xing Bologna
25-11 Alpha wave 16mm projection, Macao, Milan

29-07 Hitting Eight Gongs at Destination Earth, Het Bos
30-08 Fossil Locomotion performance at A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slides International conference in Utrecht university

20-04 till 11-06 Bug Sounds / Vinyl Canyon at Centrale For Contemporary Art, Brussels

27-04 finissage Changing Perspective in Fotomuseum, Antwerp
The show will still be on view until the 31th of April.

04-05 performance with Makino Takashi in Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels  

20-05 performance at Antwerp Art Weekend in Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp

25-05 programme & performance at Bang! Festival, Begijnhofkerk, Brussels
w/ Leo Küpper & Charlemagne Palestine

26-05 till 28-05 Polyhedra installation at Delta~Wave festival, Het Bos Antwerp

Out now: Talking Gongs CD, MC & download on Edições CN

03-03 till 05-03 Talking Gongs installation at KRAAK festival in Beursschouwburg Brussels.
I also programmed two films: PERFECT LIVES by Robert Ashley and the recently restored CROSSROADS by Bruce Conner.
w/ Moleglove, Beatriz Ferreyra, Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari, Nibul, Johannes Bergmark, Steven Warwick, Hiele Martens, Henry Andersen, Festoen, Frank Hurricane, Andé Somby, Pymathon, Johns Lunds, Ameel Brecht, Annelies Monseré, Zad Kokar & Les Combi Beyaz, Accident du Travail, Inhalants

25-01 till 05-02 Cyanotypes at Nuts & Bolts expo at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam. Along with Guillaume Bijl, Wim Janssen & Dušica Dražić, Honoré d’0, Andrew Lampert, Julien Maire, Brothers Quay, Joost Rekveld, & Peter Kubelka
10-12 presentation of the limited edition of the Young Belgian Art Prize in Bozar Bookshop.
I made the most limited 7 inch record, a CD and print and will bring a small insect to present this around 4pm.

Bug Sounds / Vinyl Canyon

24-09 till 11-12 Bug Sounds Vinyl Canyonat Surprise expo in Netwerk, Aalst
07-10 till 28-10 Bug Sounds Vinyl Canyon at Poor Media in Utopia festival, Leuven
11-10 till 21-10 Fossil Locomotion at Filmfest Ghent
12-10 Dick Raaijmakers event at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
03-11 Music For Laserbeams & Visual music program at KaskCinema, Ghent

26-11 Talking Gongs at Etcetera in SMAK, Ghent
30-04 till 30-06 Fossil Locomotion solo expo in LLS 387 Antwerp

04-06 till 24-07 Talking Gongs installation at Dopplereffect expo in Voorkamer Lier

16-03 Music for 16mm filmrushes and laserbeam, at one night expo, AIR Antwerp

17-03 Music for 16mm filmrushes and laserbeam, at Tuning – Detuning / Noting – Denoting, Charlemagne Palestine's expo, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam

29-04 Fossil Locomotion, opening night of solo expo at LLS 387 ruimte voor actuele kunst, Antwerp,
with an adaptation of the opera 'Capolino' by Lieven Martens Moana & Francesco Cavaliere

30-04 till 30-06 Fossil Locomotion, solo expo at LLS 387 ruimte voor actuele kunst, Antwerp open every thursday till sunday from 2pm till 6pm

Re-Engeneering the Moving Image

04 till 06-01 Projector As An Instrument workshop at Worm filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam
06-01 Entering the head, a piece for slide projectors and modular music system, at Worm, Rotterdam
28-01 Music for Rikuro Miyai's Phenomenology of Zeitgeist, at Throwing Shadows: Japanese Expanded Cinema, International Filmfestival Rotterdam in collaboration with Tate Film.
31-01 "Two slides" at Kraak cover art expo, Sound of the Belgian Underdog, AB, Brussels
05-02 Projecting a Cocktail, Kunstverein, Amsterdam
06-02 Entering the head, a piece for slide projectors and modular music system, at Diffraktion, Berlin
08 till 09-02 Projector As An Instrument workshop at LaborBerlin, Berlin
20 till 22-02 Projector As An Instrument workshop at Laboratoire Mire, Nantes
20-02 Entering the head, a piece for slide projectors and modular music system, at Cable, Nantes
26 till 27-02 film selection for Kraak festival, Beursschouwburg, Brussel
26-02 Volmacht (Dennis Tyfus + Floris Vanhoof Duo), Kraak festival, Beursschouwburg, Brussel

05-11 Music for coconut loudspeaker, Gold und Beton, Köln
09-12 All Connected #10, AB Club, Brussels: Free Grand Final with Charlemagne Palestine on '70s oscillators, Kristof Lauwers on Logos Robot Orchestra, and Floris Vanhoof on modular slide projectors. + historical Logos silkscreen expo.
18-12 Music for strange cocktail, Kunstverein Amsterdam
04 till 06-01 live cinema workshop at Worm Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam

Tarzana Tour

"Tarzana's sound groups a long five year collaboration between musicians Jan Anderzén (Fonal, Kemialliset Ystävät, Tomutonttu) and Spencer Clark (The Skaters, Pacific City Soundvisions, Monopoly Child Star Searchers). A space ethnic alien hyperdimensional ooze is here, brought into a live setting with the addition of belgian synthesist composer Floris Vanhoof (Kraak, Ultra eczema), who, in Tarzana, will be playing free sampladelic drum pads."
21.11.2015 - West Germany, Berlin, Germany
22.11.2015 - Prague tbc
23.11.2015 - Rhiz, Vienna, Austria
24.11.2015 - Stuttgart, Germany
25.11.2015 - Cave12, Genève, Switzerland
26.11.2015 - Ch/It tbc
27.11.2015 - Milano, Italy
28.11.2015 - Ground Zéro, Lyon, France
29.11.2015 - Paris, France
30.11.2015 - Ghent, Belgium tbc
01.12.2015 - Coachwerks, Brighton, United Kingdom
02.12.2015 - The Victoria Dalston, London, United Kingdom
03.12.2015 - Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
04.12.2015 - Het Bos, Antwerpen, Belgium
05.12.2015 - Friese, Bremen, Germany

10-09 performance with Guy Rombouts at Young Belgian Art Prize finissage, Bozar Brussels
30-09 UH Festival Budapest
w/ C. Spencer Yeh, Phill Niblock, Thomas Ankersmit, Dean Blunt, Charles Cohen, Rashad Becker, CM von Hausswolff  
03-10 A4 Bratisalva
04-10 installation at Gent Matinees
09 till 11-10 filmscreening at Tusk festival Newcastle
10-10 Composition For Robot Orchestra, Logos Ghent
w/ Lieven Martens Moana
17-10 Filmfestival Vooruit Ghent
w/ Terry Riley & John Withney film
23-10 Music for Greg Pope's Cipher-screen projection, Filmfestival Ghent.
w/ Sally Golding, Malcolm Le Grice, Anthony McCall
20-11 till 09-12 Tarzana European tour (Jan Anderzen, Spencer Clarck, Floris Vanhoof) -> book us!
24-06 till 13-09 Stripes & Slides installations in Bozar, Brussels for Young Belgian Art Prize

- Stripes
A play for eye muscles and synesthesia.
Or endless variations for short film loops.

- Slides
Slides is based on the plastic toy figures that inspired me in my studio since years.
Because they had been standing there for so long I started wondering about what's happening inside their heads.
I zoomed in on their heads with my analogue photo camera, as close as I could get.
These slides were extremely enlarged and rephotographed through a microscope until only the dancing film grain remained visible. 

04-07 till 27-09 Refreshments (Lieven Martens Moana & Floris Vanhoof) installations at Flux, Broeltoren, Kortrijk
04-07 Refreshments performance at the opening.

DVD out now on Taping Policies

03-04 till 12-04 Cyanotypes at group expo in Zwart Wild, Ghent
23-04 slides and lamps at Kerm night, Ghent
22-05 All Connected #9, Ancienne Belgique Brussels w/ Roland Kuit, Habergeon, François Bayle (diffusion), screening of Dom by Walerian Borowzyck & Jan lenica.
23-05 slides and lamps and DVD release in Het Bos, Antwerp

On Tour with Kraus

26-02 Instants Chavirés Paris
27-02 OCCII Amsterdam
28-02 14:00h radiosession at Tyfustijd, Radio Centraal Antwerp
01-03 All Connected #8, AB, Brussels (Kraus plays and talks, Floris does presentation)
02-03 Café Oto London
03-03 14:00h radiosession at NTS Live London
04-03 Worm Rotterdam

05-03 Fylkingen Stockholm (Kraus plays, Floris projects a film)
07-03 Kraak festival, Netwerk Aalst (Kraus plays, Floris acte de présence)
10-03 Stadslimiet, Antwerp

13-03 Possible futures, Hisk Gent (Only Floris)
14-03 Broken Sound, Köln (Only Floris)

25-01 "The New Patch", International Mystery, Los Angeles
05-02 till 30-05 "Videomuur" at The future = Beurssc50uwburg expo
06-02 "Live Scheepsdoop van de Videomuur", 50 hours of Beursschouwburg, Brussels
07-02 "Music and projection" in Muzee, Ostend 
And collab w/ Joachim Badenhorst, Gerard Herman, Gino Coomans, Erik Heestermans.
15-02 All Connected #7 AB, Brussels: Jenny Gräf Sheppard plays Ciat-Lonbarde instrument, Peter Beyls, Lilian Schwartz
25-02 till 07-03 Euro tour with Kraus
01-03 All Connected #8 AB, Brussels: Thomas Lehn zal on EMS Synthi, Kraus about homemade & Guy Drieghe on 3 Buchla Music Easels
14-03 "The New Patch" Sadtgarten Köln 

29-11 "Mind the grap, baldadigheden voor Milan W" projections in filmhuis Klappei, Antwerp
04-12 "Slides and sounds" Huis Van Alijn, Museumnacht Ghent
09-12 "A Tribute to Robert Ashley" School of Arts / Miryzaal, Ghent
w/ Tom Buckner (us) Floris Vanhoof (be) Lieven Martens Moana (be) & Francesco Cavaliere (it)

28-09 All Connected # 5 AB, Brussels: I Dream Of Wires, TTZ, Thomas Ankersmit
24-10 Gongs & Lasers, Filmfestival Ghent w/ Legowelt plays Aguire der Zorn Gottes
31-10 Volmacht (Floris Vanhoof / Dennis Tyfus) MIMA#30, Rotterdam w/ Miaux & Peter Fengler
01-11 Slides & Sounds, Meakusma, Eupen w/ Floris Vanhoof, Lord Tang, Tim Berresheim
02-11 All Connected # 6 AB, Brussels: IPEM special with: Keith Fullerton Whitman on EMS Synthi 100, lecture with tape fragments, shortfilms with IPEM soundtrack, IPEM archive poster expo, more!
15-11 Live Projections for Pelt at Eastern Daze festival, Vooruit Ghent
w/ The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar (ma) Pelt (us) Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society (us) Toad (fr) Razen (be) Norberto Lobo (pt)

New Slide Projections & Sounds

27-06 Ateliers Claus, Brussel
11-07 Les Brabantes, Luik
08-08 Extrapool, Nijmegen
08-08 Kulturausbesserungswerk, Leverkusen
09-08 Kulturtransistor, Kail

10-08 Floris Vanhoof + Lieven Martens Moana present "Refreshments" at Freakscene's Summer Bummer, Zuiderpershuis Antwerp w/Earth, Massimo Pupillo/Brian Chippendale/Mats Gustafssson, Stephen O’Malley & Steve Noble, Floris Vanhoof & Lieven Martens Moana, De Halve Man
13-08 R.O.T. Brussels
14 till 31-08 "Appearing and disappearing" video loop at Hectoliter summer show
15-08 Slides & Sounds, Roodkapje, Rotterdam
16-08 R.O.T. Luik
22-08 Floris Vanhoof + Lieven Martens Moana (take it a bit further) at Factor 44, Antwerp
23-08 Volmacht (Dennis Tyfus + Floris Vanhoof) at Het Bos, Antwerp
w/ Robert Turman, Matt Krefting, JSCA, Volmacht

All Connected 4 (&3)

21-05 All connected 4 w/ Dolphins Into The Future, Godfried Willem Raes, Erkki Kurenniemi at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

20-04 All-connected 3 w/ Af Ursin, Baudouin Osterlynck, Joris De Laet at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels


21-05 Lecture & Screening, Raum-Klang-Bild-Bewegung (Ringseminar), Hochschule für Gestaltung
22-5 Music For Moving Lamp, ZKM w/  Kassel Jaeger


25-05 Music For Heidelberg Tango, expo opening with live music and projection, Pikaia, Antwerp.
26/27-04 & 3/4-05 3D loop, cyanotypes and sounds, Alien Dreamtime expo Pikaia, Antwerp
10-05 Snakes and Ladders installation with Pieter de Clerck, Academie, Aalst

Hosting De Oceaan der Geluid, 22-04, Radio Centraal 106.7fm

Louis de Meester, Muziek bij drie gedichten van Paul van Ostayen, Luister van de muziek in Vlaanderen 7 - Hedendaagse Muziek LP, Kultuurraad voor Vlaanderen
Lucien Goethals, Lecina - zes liederen op tekst van Jan Van der Hoeven (fragment), Luister van de muziek in Vlaanderen 7 - Hedendaagse Muziek LP, Kultuurraad voor Vlaanderen
Robert Ashley, The Wolfman, Source records 1-6, 1968-1971 CD box, Pogus
Thomas Buckner, Cinco (text by Maya Islas), New Music For Baritone & Chamber Ensemble CD, Mutable Music
Various Sea Animals, Sea Animals Side 1(fragments), Sounds Of Sea Animals LP, Folkways Science Series
Joris de Laet, Scheldedichters met Natte Voeten, SEM etc CD box, Metaphon
Syntonic Research, Inc., Be-in (A Psychoacaustic Experience) Environments 3 - totally new concepts in stereo sound LP, Atlantic Recording Corporation
Spencer Clark, STARSWEPT,  Fourth World Magazine presents: The Spectacle of Light Abductions LP, Pacific City Sound Visions
Thomas Buckner, Luminescence (part 1), New Music For Baritone & Chamber Ensemble CD, Mutable Music
Pierre Schaeffer, (fragments) 5 études de bruits, 5 études de bruits/ étude aux objets LP, Disques Dreyfus
Alvin Lucier, Sferics (1981), Sferics / Music For Solo Performer CD, Lovely Music
Mystery Brinkman, intro, the split load series LP, Load Records
05-3 DJ-set in O Tannenbaum, Berlin
w/ Lieven Moana, Francesco Cavaliere, Floris Vanhoof

06-3 Grimmuseum Meta Meteo Ziess - Grossplanetariumlinklink, Berlin
w/ Lieven Martens Moana, Lorenzo Senni & Alessandro Panzavolta (orthographe), Floris Vanhoof, Francesco Cavaliere

09-03 In-store at Stranded Records in Oakland
w/ Lieven Martens Moana, Floris Vanhoof

13-03 The Wulf, Los Angeles
w/ Beyt al tapes, Floris Vanhoof

16-3 Festival AuralLaboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico link
w/ Charlemagne Palestine (Eua) Omar Souleyman (Sir) Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet (Eua) Melt Banana (Jap), Thomas Köner (Ale), Black Pus (Eua), Florian Hecker (Ale), Keith Fullerton Whitman (Eua), Rashad Becker (Ale), Eli Keszler (Eua), Dolphins Into The Future (Bel) Tomutonttu (Fin), Floris Vanhoof (Bel),...

19-3 Concert for EMS Synthi 100, Medieval Castle and Spiders, Gravesteen, Gent
Presented by Icarus.fm, Tumult.fm & IPEM
w/ Mauro Pawlowski, Floris Vanhoof, Kaboom Karavan,  Köhn, ...

29-03 Music For Moving Lamps, Zwart Wild, Gent

22-5 ZKM Cube, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe
w/ Kassel Jaeger, Floris Vanhoof
19-01 Radio drama, Icarus, Urgent 105.3 FM
21-01 Music for moving lamps, Ateliers Claus, Brussels w/ Steve Gunn

My Family's Fossil Collection: 3 Radioplays

3 radioplays as virtual guide through my exhibition at Hectoliter, Brussels.
22-11 17:00h-17:30h Guest in De Neus Van God at Radio Panik, Brussels 105.4 fm or stream
26-11 11:00h-12:00h Guest in De Oceaan Der Geluid at Radio Centraal, Antwerp 106.7 fm or stream
27-11 19:00h-20:00h Pre-recorded guided tour in 8ung at XL Air stream or archive

The expo itself runs from November 6 till December 15.
And is open on thursdays and fridays from 12:00 till 17:00 and on sundays from 14:00h till 19:00h.

thus begins my takeover of the capital

05-10 Brainwave music & projections, Gifgrond, Tilburg
09-10 Brainwave music & projections, Belgium Booms, Café OTO, London w/ Köhn, Floris Vanhoof, Benjamin Franklin, Lieven Martens Moana, Maan
12-10 "15 years of fun condensed" at last ever night of Scheld'apen, Antwerp w/ Robedoor, Team Panini, Sickboy, Nieuwzwart Trio, Tyfus, Sand Circles, Dynasty, Floris Vanhoof, Daniël de Botanicus, Gerard Herman,...
18-10 Video, 16mm film & live electronics with Makino Takashi at 10 years OFFoff - Nacht van de Experimentele Film, Filmfestival Ghent w/ Kenneth Anger, Andy Warhol, Mathieu Serruys, Draaier/Frezer, Kapellmeisters Schallplattenparade,...
22-10 All Connected #1 program for Ancienne Belgique, Brussels: Daniël de Wereldvermaarde Botanicus W. Ravenveer, screening Eliane Radigue & Makino Takashi (streamed on Radio Centraal)
31-10 Music & Projections on a painting by Vasarely, at Vasarely Tribute, Museum van Elsene
31-10 Video & DJ set with Dennis Tyfus, café Belga, Brussels
03-11 Super-8 projection, Chevreuils filmclub, Brussels
04-11 "As much projectors as I can handle" at Filmer A Tout Prix opening, Flagey Studio 4, Brussels
07-11 Brainwave music & projections, Filmer A Tout Prix, Flagey Studio 5, Brussels
09-11 Grand Opening of "My Family's Fossil Collection" solo expo, Hectoliter, Brussels 
(with performances, runs till 15-12 and is open on thursdays & fridays 12-17h and sundays 14-19h)
11-11 Music for Gerard Herman's Ice Cream Truck, Playground Festival, Stuk, Leuven w/ Kris Delacourt & Miaux
06-12 All Connected #2 program for Ancienne Belgique, Brussels: Kassel Jaeger, focus on Coupigny Synth, screening INA: GRM films: Jacques BRISSOT, Fer chaud (Yannis Xenakis) & Étude aux allures Raymond Hains (Pierre Schaeffer)
15-12 Gran Finale of "My Family's Fossil Collection" solo expo Hectoliter, Brussels


08-09 Deconstructing media trough a lecture, brainwaves & slides at the Ostend filmfestival.

shows in August

8-8 Brainwave music & slide projections, Offoff Gent w/ Orphan Fairitale, Jenny Gräff, Felicia Atkinson
10-8 Projections & electronics for U.S. Girls, Wastelands festival Gent w/ Steve Gunn, Mark McGuirre, Ignatz, Dracula Lewis,...
11-8  Brainwave music & 16mm film projection, Walpodenacademie, Mainz w/ Mark McGuirre
12-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Leverkusen
13-8 Brainwave music in Echnum, Antwerp w/ Slim Twig, U.S. Girls, Mark McGuirre
15-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Roodkapje, Rotterdam w/ Mark McGuirre
16-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Yard Party, London
23-8 Brainwave music & slide projections, Mindpirates, Berlin w/ Roedelius, Francesco Cavaliere, Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future)
01-9 Music From The Guardhouse initiation, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle w/ Ivo Delaere (be) plays ‘L’Alouette Lulu’ and ‘Le Courlis Cendré’ by Olivier Messiaen,  Spencer Clark (usa), Ada Van Hoorebeke (be) + Eva Van Deuren (be) & Franscesco Cavaliere (it), Joris Martens (be), Olivier Schrauwen (be), Joris De Rycke (be), Guy Rombouts (be)


Listen to a long phonecall at the end of De Oceaan Der Geluid, Episode 26-06. There's some saturation  on a track of mine that's played, but never mind, my voice was also gone due to endless weeks of hanging out and staying up late.
15-06 20h Concert & projections celebrating the release of a Per Abuus magazine, Imprimerie Ephémère in Anderlecht, rue de l'Orphelinat 40 Brussels, free entrance
Celebrating also the release of a split record between Keith Fullerton Whitman & Floris Vanhoof on Shelter Press! Picture shows silkscreening the record cover by Hannah Giese


Distribution USA via MIMAROGLU & EXPERIMEDIA and in Europe through BOOMKAT & ANOST.

02-07 Concert & projections for The Moderns expo in KMSKA Antwerp. (info) I'm preparing projections on a Work of Art by Walter Leblanc from the museum's collection (like I did in MSK with on Theo van Rysselberghe's Reading by Emile Verhaeren, at the end of this clip).

08-08 Concert in Nest, Gent: Floris Vanhoof, Jenny Gräff

10-08 Guest musician, choreographer & projectionist for U.S. Girls, Wastelands festival Gent: U.S. Girls, Mark McGuire, Dracula Lewis, Ignatz,...

Concert at Night Shop, Antwerp:
Patterns of a crocheted blanket as score for electronic instruments and overlapping slide projection.


De oceaan der geluid at Radio Centraal,
The Wire's Adventures In Sound And Music 19 July 2012 at Resonance FM
WXYC Chapel Hill, North Carolina radio special
Dublab Treasure Hunting
Transhumance  106.9 FM
230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #4 on Concertzender
Astral Travelling, CFMU Ontario, Canada


The Wire - 2012 Rewind Columnists' charts

Mr Bungle's end of year list
Mentioned "style icon" in VOGUE Magazine Italia

Mimaroglu Music Sales

Clip of Makino Takashi & Floris Vanhoof
at International Filmfestival Rotterdam

Clip of Floris Vanhoof @ Le Non_Jazz, Paris

Klanken om in te wonen.

Klanken om in te wonen.
installations - screenings - performances at Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt

6 april Expo + concerts FLORIS VANHOOF(BE), LIEVEN MOANA (BE) Roland Kayn (†): Tektra (NL) + screenings  INA-GRM films with music by XENAKIS - BAYLE - PARMEGIANI MALEC - SCHAEFFER

13 april Expo Finissage + concerten FLORIS VANHOOF, PETER BEYLS (BE): PRINTS (diffusie) + screenings  DRESDEN DYNAMO by LIS RHODES,  WORD MOVIE by PAUL SHARITS

clip of one of the installations
9 caen, castel vaugueux, france
10 bilbao, l´mono, spain
11 porto, o meu mercedes bar, portugal
12 coimbra, portugal
13 lisbon, lounge, portugal
14 madrid, the space cadet, spain
15 barcelona, discos paradiso, spain
16 clermont-ferrand, l'hotel des vil-e-s, france
17 paris, espace en cours 56, france

Free concerts!

29-11 Lieven Moana & Floris Vanhoof present musical variations on the painting "De lezing door Emile Verhaeren" by Théo van Rysselberghe, 1903,  Museumnight, MSK Ghent
(end of clip has us projecting on painting)
01-12 Concert with live projections at Les Urbaines, Lausanne: Anne-James Chaton, Grouper, Hype Williams, Peter Fengler, Sewn Leather, Floris Vanhoof,...

Record expo

Both my long-playing records will be exhibited:
Time Slime: 3-11 till 15-12 at "Forward in Time (15 jaar Ultra Eczema)", LLS387, ruimte voor actuele kunst, Antwerpen. I'll do a performance here on 17-11.
Cycles of Confusion: 24-11 till 17-02 at "Vinyl in het atelier / Kunstenaarshoezen in België", Mu.ZEE, Oostende

30-10 Projections of filmloops between screenings of The Substance (2011, Martin Witz) & Magic Trip (2011, Alison Ellwood & Alex Gibney), Cinema Rits, Brussels

08-09 Het oog van de meester maakt het paard vet: Wonderweg atelier presentation with Gerard Herman, Sine Van Menxel & Floris Vanhoof, Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp
10-09 Electronic Music and Exploding Chewing Gum workshop, Incubate festival, Tilburg
15-09 Filmloop, music for tape and Serge system on wheels at Wereld van Witte de With / 24 uur cultuur, Worm, Rotterdam. Floris Vanhoof, Dolphins Into The Future,...
22-09 New Music & films, Scheldapen Festival, Antwerp: Floris Vanhoof, Paul Sharits, Huur is Duur, Sheldon Siegel, Je suis le petit Chevalier,...
29-09 New Music & films, Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf, Floris Vanhoof, Dolphins Into The Future
21-10 Den Haag: Floris Vanhoof, Ducktails, Bear Bones, Lay Low
27-10 Tweeklank festival, Kask, Gent


18-08 Cartuyvels/Vanhoof/Ravenveer at Tom Carter Benefit Boat, Antwerp
19-08 Cartuyvels/Vanhoof at Jespo, Vertrijk
29-06 Projection of "Particle" at super-8 night, 20:00h rue Keyenveld 45, Porte de Namur w/ Christophe Piette
11-07 "150 minutes for flickerfilm, electronics and reel-to-reel tape" at Feest in Brussel, 16:30h-19:00h, Steenstraat w/ Raymond van het Groenewoud
14-06 Schulstraat 10, Antwerp: Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Toma Gouband, Floris Vanhoof (projection of Soil, super-8, 2005 and music for tape and live electronics)
16-06 Les Ateliers Claus: Klankson 2: Oval, Peter Keene, Aifoon Sound Labyrinth (I'm inside with interactive electronics)

Cycles of Confusion

My new record is out on Kraak!
26-05 Record presentation, Cinéma Nova, Brussels: Bear bones, lay low, Truus de Groot, Floris Vanhoof (concert for electronics and 6 filmloops)
03-06 Record presentation, Nest, Ghent: Bear bones, lay low, Jar Moff, Floris Vanhoof (well focussed electronics)

28-04 Soirée cinematographiques, Brussels: R.O.T., Christophe Piette, Floris Vanhoof (concert for glass bowl, tape & super 8 film projected on mask)
30-04 DOK, Gent: Projections for U.S. Girls concert, w/ Miaux
12-05 Les Nuits Botanique, Brussels: Projections for U.S. Girls concert, w/ Six Organs Of Admittance
13-05 wAves event, Netwerk, Aalst: new instrument presentation
15-05 Ciné-Club INSAS, Brussels
29-03 Vernissage PTR – “1:10”  Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp: Bert Lezy, R.O.T.

27-03  Magasin 4: Daniel Menche, TG Gondard, Kleps (Cartuyvels/Thys/Vanhoof)
15-04  Electrónica en Abril, Madrid:  Thomas Köner, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Hype Williams, Nate Young, Raime, Floris Vanhoof (interactive noon concert for slides and sirens)
16-04 Ateliers Claus, Brussel: Keith Fullerton Whitman, Nate Young, Floris Vanhoof (new film loops)
25-04 Xing Live Arts Week, Bologna: Ben Rivers, Floris Vanhoof (new film loops & electronics)
03-05 Lal lal lal festival Helsinki: El-G, Talmud Beach, Trio Jäätelö (lau nau+tsembla+kuupuu), Floris Vanhoof
04-05 Lal lal lal festival Tampere: El-G, Varropas, Hockey Night, Floris Vanhoof

22-02 Gunther, Antwerp: Af Ursin, Floris Vanhoof (tapeloop with Schweppes and lamps)
In the same cycle of fun as John Butcher, Sheldon Siegel, Vom Grill & Body/Head