shows in August

8-8 Brainwave music & slide projections, Offoff Gent w/ Orphan Fairitale, Jenny Gräff, Felicia Atkinson
10-8 Projections & electronics for U.S. Girls, Wastelands festival Gent w/ Steve Gunn, Mark McGuirre, Ignatz, Dracula Lewis,...
11-8  Brainwave music & 16mm film projection, Walpodenacademie, Mainz w/ Mark McGuirre
12-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Leverkusen
13-8 Brainwave music in Echnum, Antwerp w/ Slim Twig, U.S. Girls, Mark McGuirre
15-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Roodkapje, Rotterdam w/ Mark McGuirre
16-8 Projections for U.S. Girls, Yard Party, London
23-8 Brainwave music & slide projections, Mindpirates, Berlin w/ Roedelius, Francesco Cavaliere, Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future)
01-9 Music From The Guardhouse initiation, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle w/ Ivo Delaere (be) plays ‘L’Alouette Lulu’ and ‘Le Courlis Cendré’ by Olivier Messiaen,  Spencer Clark (usa), Ada Van Hoorebeke (be) + Eva Van Deuren (be) & Franscesco Cavaliere (it), Joris Martens (be), Olivier Schrauwen (be), Joris De Rycke (be), Guy Rombouts (be)