31-03 performance on EMS Synthi 100 at Entrepot, Brugge
27-04 till 06-05 Bug Sound / Vinyl Canyon installation at Donaufestival Krems
05-05 till 23-05 The Fluid Computer expo at Warande Turnhout
opening on 05-05 with introduction by Spencer Clark & film projection by Floris Vanhoof
event on 19-05 with bus from Antwerp with performance by Francesco Cavaliere, composition for harmony orchestra by Lieven Martens & film from Takashi Ito

02-06 Tequila interpretation for De Nor- Middelheim Museum, Antwerp
24-08 till 25-08 Installation & performance at LUFF in Brussels
07-09 performance at Willem Twee, 's Hertogenbosch
07-09 till 09-09 Talking Gongs at Meakusma festival Eupen
05-10 till 07-10 perfromance at Detla~Wave festival, Het Bos, Antwerp
15-10 till 22-11 expo and tour in New Zealand and Australia
18-10 till 22-10 installation at To Object interior Biennial  Kortrijk
20-10 till 21-10 Talking Gongs installation at Klankenbos, Neerpelt