14-09 till 15-10 Polyhedra installation, iMAL Brussels
26-09 Electronics and Bats, Helsinki w/Kraus 
27-09 Electronics and Bats, Turku w/Kraus 
28-09 Electronics and Bats, Tampere w/Kraus 
13-10 Electronics and Bats, TRAP Antwerp w/Kraus & Dennis Tyfus
14-10 Electronics and Photosynthesis, Dodoens event Mechelen
16-10 Light Controlled Polyhedra performance, iMAL Brussels w/Kraus 
21-10 A Small Swarm of Gongs,  Bruthaus Gallery Waregem
01-11 Two interventions, Sphinx Cinema Ghent 
10-11 Electronics and Bats, November Music 's Hertogenbosch
22-11 Bug Sounds / Vinyl Canyon, Bruits Blancs festival Paris
24-11 Alpha wave 16mm projection, Xing Bologna
25-11 Alpha wave 16mm projection, Macao, Milan