28-09 All Connected # 5 AB, Brussels: I Dream Of Wires, TTZ, Thomas Ankersmit
24-10 Gongs & Lasers, Filmfestival Ghent w/ Legowelt plays Aguire der Zorn Gottes
31-10 Volmacht (Floris Vanhoof / Dennis Tyfus) MIMA#30, Rotterdam w/ Miaux & Peter Fengler
01-11 Slides & Sounds, Meakusma, Eupen w/ Floris Vanhoof, Lord Tang, Tim Berresheim
02-11 All Connected # 6 AB, Brussels: IPEM special with: Keith Fullerton Whitman on EMS Synthi 100, lecture with tape fragments, shortfilms with IPEM soundtrack, IPEM archive poster expo, more!
15-11 Live Projections for Pelt at Eastern Daze festival, Vooruit Ghent
w/ The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar (ma) Pelt (us) Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society (us) Toad (fr) Razen (be) Norberto Lobo (pt)